These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For
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If your technolust is unsatisfied and your budget is leaving you high and dry, there are still some great deals out there. Catch has a bunch of nifty tech on sale for under $50. Here are some of the highlights.

The full catalog of Catch deals is here.

Carter Wireless Charging Desk Lamp – $48

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

Most of us need a desk lamp to make it easier to read stuff and keep working when the rest of the household is asleep. And this lamp will even charge your smartphone or other Qi-compatible devices.

Team Group Brick Smart USB Charger – $19

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

Keep your devices charged and play with bocks when you need a distraction. Perfect!

Anker USB-C HUB with HDMI and Power Delivery – $48

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

Now that USB-C is firmly entrenched, having a single device that can handle video and data is super handy. AST under $50, this device is super handy and will find a place in your laptop bag.

Carter WiFi Range Extender – $25

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

Got a wireless dead spot around the home or office? This extender will fix the problem without spending hundreds of dollars on cabling or a mesh networking kit.

4 x Energizer Eco Advanced AA Alkaline Batteries 10-Pack – 24

These Are The Tech Deals You’re Looking For

Just yesterday, I was raiding the kids’ toys in search of a couple of AA batteries. If only I’d seen this. And there’s a similar deal for AAA batteries as well.


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