The NBN Explained In 90 Seconds


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If the endless stream of NBN jargon has left you feeling confused and befuddled, this
90-second video explainer can help.

The video above comes from telco provider Amaysim. It’s essentially a beginner-friendly NBN explainer that attempts to break down everything customers need to know in 90 seconds. Blessedly, the branding is kept to a minimum so you don’t need to sit through any ads to get the relevant info.

On the downside, the focus is on the different speed tiers and customer obligations (i.e. – switching to the NBN is compulsory if you want to keep using phone and internet.) Meanwhile, the various services that make up NBN Co’s Multi Technology Mix barely get a mention. But never fear – we’ve outlined everything you need to know right here.

NBN Hacker: The World's Most Confusing Network Explained

We thought we were going to enjoy 100Mbps of speedy internet access. Then the politicians got involved and we ended up with something of a dog's breakfast - or dog's vomit according to some. So, what are the connectivity options that the NBN will deliver and how do they differ? Let's take a look.

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Not satisfied with your telco? You can check out some of the most affordable NBN plans in the table below.

[YouTube / Amaysim]


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