Kogan Was The Most Complained About Company In NSW Last Month

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The NSW Department of Fair Trading has released its monthly data for January 2019, revealing which companies are the most complained about. Topping the list are a number of tech companies and electronics retailers, suggesting that shoppers are increasing their use of tech and that the sector has room for improvement.

The numbers of complaints aren't all that high when you consider the number of transactions these companies complete each month.

Here are the top five.

Business Name Number of Complaints
Kogan 70
Apple 39
BestJet Travel 34
Samsung Electronics 34
Harvey Norman 29

Looking back over the last few months of data, the most complained about businesses tend to be repeat offenders although the order changes. Kogan almost doubled the number of complaints in January from the previous month. But that's to be expected as the number of transactions over Christmas would have been pretty high.

But Apple and Samsung, along with Kogan, tend to feature near the top of the list regularly.

You can look at the full complaints register as well as a detailed look at specific retailers and what areas of NSW saw the most complaints.

For a company to make the listing, the Department of Fair Trading needs to receive at least ten complaints in a month.


    These numbers are meaningless without knowing what number of sales they made. Is it 70 complaints from 100,000 sales or 70 complaints from 100 million sales? Percentage wise there's a huge difference. And it's entirely possible that the order of "most complaints by volume of sales" would be different to what is shown above.

    And for that matter do we know whether the complaints are actually valid? Using something like ebay as an example where you can see comments related to a negative review it's obvious that many people make complaints that are unfounded or completely unrelated to the product or company making the sale.

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