Psst, How Does 40GB Of Mobile Data For $4.95 Sound?

Psst, How Does 40GB Of Mobile Data For $4.95 Sound?
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Netflix addicts, take note: For a limited time, Catch Mobile is offering a whopping $45 off the price of its 40GB prepaid Catch Connect plan. That brings the total down to under five bucks! Here are the details.

40GB of mobile data for $4.90 is an amazing deal in anyone’s book. That works out to around 12 cents per gigabyte – ridiculous! The plan also comes with unlimited national calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 200 minutes of free international minutes to 32 selected countries.

Here’s the full list of inclusions. (Click on the interactive table below to learn more.)

There are, however, a few significant caveats to be mindful of. First and foremost, the deal is only being offered on your first charge. After that, billing reverts to $49.90 per 30-day recharge. The offer is currently only available to new customers as well.

Also worth nothing is that Catch Mobile runs on the Optus network. While its coverage footprint is pretty good, there are some places where mobile connectivity could be an issue.

On the plus side, you’re free to shop elsewhere as soon as your 30-day recharge expires – there’s no obligation to purchase again at full price. (With that said, 40GB for $49.90 isn’t the worst mobile plan we’ve seen.) If you want to binge a Netflix show on the train next month, this is a pretty sound option.

Alternatively, if your keen to stretch out the deal a little further, $15 gets you a 90-day recharge with 54GB. (This goes up to $89 after 90 days thereafter.)

Here’s the table:


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