Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Best Samsung Galaxy S10 plans, everything getting deleted off Netflix, Google Assistant automation update. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Tonight, Netflix Is Deleting Basically Everything
    We recently brought you a list of all the shows and movies leaving Netflix in February. At the time, we cautioned that some additional titles might be removed on the last day of the month. Instead of "some", we should have said "a metric-butt-tonne".
  2. Google Assistant Just Got A Big Update To Automate Your Mornings
    Google Assistant has been given an update, linking it with Android's Clock app. Now, when your morning alarm goes off, it can trigger events such as telling you about the weather and traffic for the commute to work, turning on your coffee maker and lights, playing the news and anything else you need to kick start your day.
  3. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week (Feb 25)
    Here is your Netflix binge-list for the week, fresh from the Australian servers! This week's noteworthy additions include Van Helsing Season 3, Canadian drama Northern Rescue, comedic road trip Budapest, the original Jurassic Park trilogy and over 30 new movies!
  4. How To Reserve 'Blocked' Seats On Aeroplane Flights
    Airlines love to torture us. Even when you’re prepared and organised, there’s nothing you can do to escape their blood thirst for profit. If you’ve ever reserved a seat on a flight, you’ll notice entire sections of airlines blocked off so that you can’t claim them, even if you wanted to or are willing to pay extra.
  5. Is Aussie Broadband Worth The Money?
    While many Retail Service Providers (RSPs) have had their reputations tarnished through the rollout of the NBN, one company seems to have thrived. Aussie Broadband, which was formed through the amalgamation of Wideband Networks and Westvic Broadband, is often mentioned in positive terms by customers saying their service and performance are excellent.
  6. The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plan From Vodafone, Optus And Telstra
    You've now had 24 hours to digest the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone and its bevy of game-changing features. If you've decided this phone is for you, pre-ordering from Samsung direct is a pretty smart option. But what if you can't afford to buy one outright?
  7. Netflix Is Adding 33 New Movies This Weekend
    Yesterday, Netflix casually deleted over 60 movies and TV shows like it was no big deal. And y'know what? Maybe it wasn't. Turns out the streaming giant had a bunch of replacements waiting in the wings, including fan faves like District 9, Mamma Mia!, Blade Runner and the original Jurassic Park trilogy.
  8. Everything Coming To Stan, Netflix, Foxtel And Amazon In March
    March is just around the corner and a bunch of new content will be hitting all the big streaming services. Read on to see all the content that will be added to Stan, Netflix, Foxtel and Amazon's libraries in march 2019.
  9. How To Use Google Assistant's New Automation Tools
    Earlier in the week, Google announced that the Google Assistant received a significant update that allowed you to automate a number of tasks when your morning alarm goes off. Here's how to make that work.
  10. Kogan's NBN 100 Plans Are Crazy Cheap Right Now
    Kogan Internet probably isn't the first brand you think of when it comes to NBN plans - but its latest prices might just change that. The budget-friendly telco will be knocking an extra $10 off its NBN 100 plans, bringing the total to just $75.90 a month. The deal also includes a free modem. Here are the details!


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