20 Beer And Burger Pairings From Around The World [Infographic]

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The beer-and-burger combo is beloved by pretty much everyone - which makes it blessedly easy to get your paws on while travelling abroad. This infographic lists 20 of the world's tastiest beer and burger pairings; from the Brazil's Grill Burger with Skol to South Africa's Springbok Burger with Carling Black Label. But be warned: the Australian nomination is awful.

The infographic below comes from UK gambling outfit John Slots. It purports to reveal the tastiest beer and burger combinations in countries around the worl: "from heavy, dark ales and spicy sauces through to crisp lagers and sweet herbs."

However, we take umbrage at the Aussie nomination. According to John Slots, the best our country can muster is a "Burger with The Lot” (including beetroot) and a Victoria Bitter. This is clearly not Australia's best beer-and-burger pairing.

[Via John Slots]


    When beer pairings include Carling, Budweiser, and yes, VB, then you should probably avoid any of the suggestions. I know taste in beer is subjective but I would wager that most (if not all) of the beer suggestions could be replaced by something better (cat urine in some cases).

    I thought the awful part was the VB!

    This list is basically 'nation's most popular generic lager/bitter' + a burger you can get in that country.

    Would be nice to see some actual pairings, like food to go with porters, wheat beers & IPAs etc.

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