Travel The World With A Total Stranger For Free

Travel The World With A Total Stranger For Free

There’s nothing more sobering than travelling with a friend for the first time. You very quickly learn their travel “quirks” like they hate walking too much or their teeth grind when they sleep (I’m not saying I know someone who does this, but I’m also not not saying that).

Well, why travel with a friend or even alone, when you can do it with a total stranger and for free? That’s what travel agency TourRadar is proposing, and well, it’s a hell of a social experiment. And technically, you won’t be entirely alone, as you’ll also be followed by a camera crew. Just like any other vacation!

Specifically, TourRadar is sending two total strangers (along with a three-person camera crew) on tours that will take place span over five counties and fifty days. All costs are covered, and best of all, you won’t know where you’re going until you’re on your way (so like, pack a parka and a bathing suit just in case).

According to its press release, TourRadar wants to spread its love of multi-day touring through the contest and the camera crews are filming your cross-country trip as keepsakes. You’ll also get to spend a lot of time with a total stranger for fifty days, so that’s a keepsake in and of itself.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”How To Make Better Small Talk” excerpt=”Three years ago, after leaving a job and with (very) little to do, I used part of my savings on an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade. By all accounts, I was not very funny or quick. I also couldn’t stop sweating and most people in my class thought I’d dunked my head in the sink during breaks (they weren’t wrong).”]

If you’re one for surprises (and small talk), how can you sign up? You’ll have to start on TourRadar’s website and fill out an application. You also have to send in a two-minute video explaining why you want the trip, what you’re passionate about, and a typical day in your life.

“Serious bonus points will be awarded to anyone who manages to make themselves stand out from the crowd,” their website reads. “We’re thinking: public places. A big spectacle. All the bells and whistles. It’s up to you.”

If auditioning for American Idol exactly once has taught me, it’s that wearing a costume helps.

You have until March 24 to apply and winners will be announced in April.

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