Three Low Cost Tropical Holiday Destinations

Three Low Cost Tropical Holiday Destinations
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The summer may only be just behind us but that doesn’t mean you can’t be looking ahead to your next time off. A holiday in the tropics might sound like an extravagance but there are plenty of great accomodation deals around. Here are five great options for some time in the sun.

I chose Monday 11 March 2019 through to Sunday 17 March 2019 for this round up. (You can adjust the dates to match your intended holiday in the links below, though prices will obviously vary.) All rates are for two adults and are not inclusive of flights and transfers.


I have a soft spot for Fiji. It was the first place I went to outside Australia and I went there for my honeymoon about 15 months ago.

The DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Fiji on Sonaisali Island will set you back just $854. This four-star resort throws breakfast in for the deal and there’s wifi available if you really can’t switch off.

Or, there’s the Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach for $969. While it’s rated at three-and-a-half stars, it’s a breach front property so you’ll have a choice between the pool or the open water.

Cook Islands

The Inano Beach Bungalows on the Cook Islands offer three-star accomodation. Although there’s no pool, the bungalows are on the beach and offer simple kitchen facilities for $743.

The Matriki Beach Huts offer similar facilities for $741 with access to a golf course if you like spoiling a nice walk!

Cook Islands

Club Raro on the Cook Islands throws in a breakfast buffet so you can fuel up before spending a day on the resort’s breach front. Rooms have air-con and there’s a pool if the beach isn’t your thing. Prices there start at $665 for the week.

Rounding things out, there’s the Aroa Kainga. Rooms have a kitchenette but there’s no pool so you’ll have to settle for the lovely nearby beach. That will set you back about $800 for the week.

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