The Meaning Behind 33 World Flags [Infographic]

Image: Warner Bros.

The Big Bang Theory is a bad show and you should feel bad for liking it. But having a fascination for world flags and their symbolic meaning? That's okay in our books.

Have you ever watched an Olympic Games' opening ceremony and wondered what all those flags' shapes and colours mean? Why does the Libyan flag have a crescent moon on it? Do the coloured bands on the German, Italian and French flags represent anything? And what's the deal with the Nepalese flag's weird-arse shape?

All of these questions and more are answered in the following infographic which was created, oddly enough, by Carport Central.

Precisely what flags have to do with a protective shelter for automobiles isn't explained. Perhaps Sheldon could shed some light by running a few experiments? (Okay, okay, I was a closet fan.)

Here's the graphic:

[Via Carport Central]


    Me when the Seychelles flag is included. :D

    Me when the Seychelles flag is upside-down. D:

    The Big Bang Theory is a bad show and you should feel bad for liking itHaving watched every episode to date, we're going to have to agree not to agree! In fact, here you go ????

      The Big Bang Theory is a bad show? Really? I beg to differ.

      I mean, i liked the first couple of seasons. But after that it just got stale and cringeworthy.

    Interesting, thanks. One thing for the United Kingdom one, I'm sure I remember something about it only being the Union Jack when flown from a boat, otherwise it's the Union Flag. I'm sure someone can confirm, or tell me I'm misremembering?

    I have to know why this was created by Carport Central????? Can we get a follow up story about that?

    Some poor proofing of that from the creators.
    The Union Jack is incorrect - back to front or upside down.
    And the two “peeks” of Everest, really?

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