Five Ways To Brew Perfect-Tasting Coffee [Infographic]

Five Ways To Brew Perfect-Tasting Coffee [Infographic]

Brewing your own coffee isn’t just cost effective; it’s also good for the soul. Unless you stuff it up, of course. This infographic from the experts at CoffeeTastingClub explains the secrets behind five popular DIY brewing methods — from stove top to AeroPress.

We’ve talked about the art of coffee making at length on Lifehacker — you can find our most recent in-depth guide here. However, if you’re just looking for a quick taster of popular brewing methods, the infographic below will help to bring you up to speed.

It breaks down the basics of Aeropress, Chemex, French press, pour-over and stovetop complete with expert tips, recommended brew times and the best grind size for each method. Check it out below:

The Basics of Five Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

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[Via Coffee Tasting Club]


  • I’m a giant AeroPress fan, I’ve had one for years and it gets almost as much use as my espresso machine. I’ve done a fair bit of trial and error coffee brewing with it, including using a lot of different brew recipes including many from the AeroPress world championships (yes, there is such a thing), and the one thing it doesn’t do well or even at all is make espresso style coffee. I know it’s in their marketing, but the claim is a total nonsense. The coffee it makes is amazing, and you have control over almost every possible variable, but there are just some things a $50 giant plastic coffee syringe can’t make and top of that list is espresso coffee.

    As an aside, their brew method is fine, but the one I’ve had the best results with and use most frequently is: inverted method, 18g coffee, filter grind (medium), water at 88-92 degrees, 30 second bloom, add the rest of the water, minimal to no agitation, plunge at 1:30 over 30s.

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