Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Galaxy S9: What's Different?

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Samsung has released another infographic showing all the ways its latest Galaxy phone improves upon its predecessor. If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S9, is the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S10 worth upgrading to? If you have neither, should you save a few hundred bucks and buy last year's model instead? Read the infographc to find out.

Now, it goes without saying that Samsung has a vested interest in this graphic. It obviously wants to sell as many Samsung Galaxy S10 units as possible by bigging up all of the improvements. With that said, it's pretty hard to inject hyperbole into a specs table (i.e. - its just a bunch of technical facts.)

In any event, exaggeration isn't necessary this time around - the Samsung Galaxy S10 truly does offer significant enhancements over to its predecessor that go beyond the usual spit and polish. Chief among these are larger and more vibrant Dynamic AMOLED display, an ultra conic fingerprint scanner, a triple rear camera with a 16-megapixel ultra wide lens, an improved camera up front with dual lenses, an extra 2GB of RAM and a beefier 4100mAh battery.

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In other words, the S10 represents a significant upgrade; especially compared to the previous Galaxy refresh. Unfortunately for your wallet, this means that forking out well over a grand for a phone might not be entirely crazy. Sorry.

You can check out the full specs comparison below.

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