Remove Errant Strings Of Corn Silk With A Gripper Pad

Remove Errant Strings Of Corn Silk With A Gripper Pad

If you cook corn in its husks, which you should, shucking it is not a huge issue, as everything kind of slides right off. But if you need to get to those juicy kernels while they’re still raw — perhaps to pickle them, or sprinkle them on a salad — removing the little strands of silk can be a bit frustrating.

There is, however, a very easy way to get the little blond wisps — you just need a gripper pad.

If you are unsure by what I mean by “gripper pad” I mean those rubbery round things designed to help people open jars, but grippy shelf liner will also work.

Just take a clean piece of either one, and lovingly stroke your ear (of corn) with it to remove even the most stubborn silk. The proceed with your corny plan, free from errant strands.

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