Our Pick For The Best NBN Provider Of The Month

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Sick of searching for NBN plans? Wish someone would just tell you which plan to pick? Each week, we review over 1400 plan documents over a number of broadband and NBN categories in a bid to find the plans with the best value. Here's our current champion.

When it comes to "everyday" NBN plans, our winner for this month is Exetel's unlimited data NBN 50 plan. This plan will set you back $59.99 per month on a 12-month contract with a $20 setup fee. You get unlimited data, a new modem, and better yet, Exetel is pretty consistent when it comes to evening speeds. You should expect around 43Mbps during busy periods - not bad for an NBN 50 plan.

Here are the inclusions. (Click on our interactive table to learn more.)

This is a great option because it's one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans around - and the cheapest over the course of a year. Because while rival Click Broadband will sell you an unlimited data NBN 50 plan for $59.88 per month - a whole 11 cents less - this is a discounted price for your first six months only. You'll pay $74.88 per month with Click thereafter.

Here's a look at how the Exetel plan compares:

If you don't need unlimited data and would prefer a contract-free plan, Exetel will do 500GB for the same $59.99 per month. You will however have to bring your own modem.

And if you'd prefer a plan from a different ISP, MyRepublic's NBN 50 plan is our runner up. $64.95 per month gets you unlimited data on a no-contract plan. Once again, this is a promotional price, but it lasts for your entire first year of service. You'll pay $69.99 per month thereafter.

MyRepublic reports similar evening speeds to Exetel: you should expect around 43Mbps during busy periods.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia's phone and internet comparison website.


    Based on what? Price only? How about quality, outages, speed during peak hours?

      In that case, I'd recommend Aussie Broadband. I've been using them for 1.5 years, and both performance and support have been very good.

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