A Pauper’s Guide To Eating Like A King

A Pauper’s Guide To Eating Like A King

Eating is an unavoidable aspect of living in a body, and it can be expensive. Here we have rounded up our favourite ways to cook, eat and even drink more cheaply, not a toasted cheese and vegemite sandwich in sight (though those are quite good).

Photo: Claire Lower

We’ve got meaty mains, easy side dishes and (of course) a couple of ways to upgrade your instant noodles. Check out all the links below and if the spirit moves you, share your favourite ways to enjoy food frugally in the comments.

Meals and Mains

Sides and Snacks

Super Seasonings

A Pauper’s Guide To Eating Like A KingPhoto: Claire Lower

Photo: Claire Lower

Waste Not

If we missed on of your favourite ways to cheaply chow down, use food scraps, or upgrade instant noodles, please leave it in the comments below so that we all may benefit.

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  • My partner makes almost daily trips to our local supermarkets (the two usual suspects) and regularly comes home with $10 worth of markdowns, in perfectly good condition and with unexpired use-by dates, that would have cost $50 at their original price. Yes, I know that most people don’t have time to do this (we’re retired) but we’re constantly amazed at how other shoppers seem to automatically ignore anything that’s drastically reduced – like brie, or a bag of salad leaves – as if it’s in some way contaminated. We eat really well for a very low cost.

    • Not me! Raiding the discount cheese is my fave. Just need to watch out with something like a camembert as they can age so much they become unpalatable.

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