Get All Your Images Off Flickr

Get All Your Images Off Flickr
Image: Getty Images

After its acquisition of Flickr, SmugMug told users that free Flickr account were going to be shut down this week. The only free tier of service the company will offer is for users with fewer than 1000 photos with larger accounts scheduled for deletion this week. But SmugMug/Flickr has relented and is giving the owners of free accounts another month to get their photos off the service.

Flickr’s acquisition by SmugMug was announced last April and, at the time, they said there were no plans to do anything averse to Flickr users. But that changed late last year when the company announced a 1000 image limit for free users with uploads to those accounts stopped on January 8 this year and images to be deleted from February 5, starting with the oldest images.

Reports today say that since the deadline this week passed, no photos have actually been deleted with users of the free service given another month’s grace to get under the 1000 image limit.

It’s important to note that photos uploaded before November 1, 2018, and licensed with a Creative Commons license aren’t counted against the 1,000 picture limit.

If you’ve still got images on Flickr that you want to keep, there are ways to move your photos from Flickr to another service if you want to avoid SmugMug’s annual fee.

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