How To Temporarily Store Your Luggage When You’re Staying At An Airbnb

How To Temporarily Store Your Luggage When You’re Staying At An Airbnb
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Back when we all stayed in hotels when we travelled, figuring out what to do with your luggage was easy. If you arrive in town long before you’re supposed to check in or your flight is long after check out time, any reasonable hotel offers luggage storage and will hold on to your bag for you for the price of a tip to the bellman. When you’re staying at an Airbnb or the like, things can get a bit more complicated.

Some Airbnb hosts can definitely be flexible when it comes to storing your luggage, but if someone is booked in the space right before or right after you then you’re probably straight out of luck.

A lot of major cities have bag storage places, which can be useful but often located in just one area. They’re also pricey. Over the past few years, a number of different apps and services have popped up that offer a different solution: storing your luggage in a store.


Image: Stasher

Of all the luggage storage options, Stasher currently supports the most cities. The service is available in more than 100 cities worldwide and offers storage at hotels and local shops while you’re exploring a city. Pricing starts at $8 a day.


Image: Bounce

Bounce offers storage at places like hotels and cafes starting at $8 a day. Each location offers secure 24/7 storage, tamper-proof ID seals (so you know someone isn’t going through your stuff), and a few options also offer delivery, so you can get that bag delivered to your Airbnb later on. Bounce is available in most major cities.


Image: LuggageHero

Luggage Hero is available exclusively online (it’s not an app) and only in New York City, London, and Copenhagen. Pricing is done per bag and varies between cities. In New York, for instance, the service costs $1/hour or $15/day. Storing your bags also costs a one-time handling fee of $3 per bag.


If you’re travelling in Europe, NannyBag can be a great place to start. The service is available in 15 counties including France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, and Luxembourg. It’s also available in New York City. Pricing starts at $8 a day. The service also offers insurance on bags left using the service.