Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Survive A Flash Flood

Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Survive A Flash Flood

Video: Flash floods can strike with almost no warning, so it pays to be prepared. It doesn’t take much for rain to escalate from a light drizzle to a deadly emergency situation. In the event the dry land around you transforms into a raging river, these tips can keep you from being swept away.

In the video above, we’ll explain how to know when a flood is coming your way. You’ll also learn the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning, and see why it’s best to avoid any water during a flash flood, even if you’re in a car.

Plus, we’ll explain the importance of seeking higher ground, what to do if flood waters reach your home, and how to escape a car trapped in deep water.

And if you do get knocked off your feet by the mighty force of an impromptu river — you’ll be surprised how little water it takes — you’ll learn how to float safely until you can grab something and wait for help.

Wherever you find yourself during a flash flood, it’s important to remember to get to higher ground, wait for the waters to subside, then make your way to safety. If you want to read more about navigating the dangers of flash floods, you can check out our survival guide here.


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