Google Assistant Just Got A Big Update To Automate Your Mornings

Image: Google

Google Assistant has been given an update, linking it with Android's Clock app. Now, when your morning alarm goes off, it can trigger events such as telling you about the weather and traffic for the commute to work, turning on your coffee maker and lights, playing the news and anything else you need to kick start your day.

Automation has come a long way over the last couple of years. Services like <IFTTT have tried to glue together lots of different apps and services but they've always been kind of clunky. It's not that they don't work - they're just too hard to create and troubleshoot.

Google's approach of adding the automation directly into the clock app makes a lot of sense. Many of us already use the Clock app to set our wake up call so adding the actions we want from there is intuitive and easy.

Automation for closing out the day is also coming soon. Google says you'll soon eb able ask the Google Assistant to switch your devices to do not disturb mode with a single command like, “Hey Google, silence my phone.

While these actions seem quite trivial, they can make your morning ritual a little smoother. And, they may even let you get a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning.


    Hmmmm. Not seeing it in my Clock app yet, despite it being in the Playstore app description

      Force Stop the app so it has to communicate with Play Services again on relaunch (or just reboot your phone).
      Anything toggled at a server level will need a UI refresh to appear.

    In a bit confused because I've had this for a few months now and have been using it since I noticed it to read out weather and my calendar each morning when I turn off my alarm (Pixel 3XL)

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