Get Cheaper Spices In The ‘International Food’ Aisle

Get Cheaper Spices In The ‘International Food’ Aisle
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Pound for pound, jarred spices are some of the priciest supplies in your kitchen. They’re much cheaper in bulk, and your best bet is speciality grocery stores.

But if you’re stuck at a generic supermarket (says redditor erahwahh), check the “ethnic foods” aisle, where spices are more likely to come in larger, cheaper plastic jars or bags.

Better yet, go to a grocery dedicated to a particular cuisine/country, where you’ll find a wider variety of bulk spices.

Local produce stores may not have self checkout machines or paywave, but you will be able to get large portions of fresh spices and rare produce from their region at a reasonable price. We have a couple of places near us that sell Japanese, Chinese and Indian goods that bring out the best flavours in your home cooking.

Give those smaller stores a look next time you want to add some authenticity to your dish (and save some cash).

LPT: When buying spices, check the store’s “ethnic foods” aisle. [Reddit]


  • It’s literally cheaper for me to buy a 1kg bag of chilli flakes of eBay, and pay for postage, than it is to buy dozens of the tiny jars at Coles.

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