How Data Criminals Screw With Big Business [Infographic]

Like characters in a Harlan Ellison dystopian sci-fi, traditional ‘computer hackers’ have metamorphosed into something far more insidious. They are no longer motivated by curiosity and bragging rights among their peers. Instead, they’re after other people’s money – and there are billions of dollars at stake.

The phrase ‘cybercrime’ sounds antiquated these days, but the threat remains clearer and more present than ever. This extensive infographic from EveryCloud breaks down a bevy of cybercrime-related facts including the biggest and most expensive data breaches of all time, notable black hat hackers, the dispelling of popular cyber security myths and tips to stay protected.

Even if you already have a firm grasp of online security (and if you don’t, what are you doing online?) the graph still makes for fascinating reading.

[Via EveryCloud]


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