Yes, McDonald's Is Open For Australia Day Long Weekend

McDonald's Boxing Day opening hours

"Is Macca's open over the Australia Day weekend?" This is a question more Aussies ask themselves than you might think. The good news is that there will be plenty of McDonald's stores offering piping hot Big Macs on January 27 - you can find the nearest available outlet to your location here.

While nothing beats a homemade BBQ on public holidays, there are various reasons you might need a sneaky Macca's fix. Some motorists require a quick breakfast while driving to their family's house. Others find themselves inexplicably hungry while driving home from a blowout lunch.

PSA: Always Ask For Fresh McDonald's Fries

There's nothing quite like McDonald's French fries straight from the fryer - they're moist-yet-crunchy, deliciously fresh tasting and almost too hot to eat. The same can't be said of older batches. To put it bluntly, they taste like cheap, soggy cardboard with some salt sprinkled on top. If you're unlucky enough to order at the wrong time, this can seriously impact your enjoyment of the meal.

Fortunately, it's not difficult to get a fresh batch of McDonald's fries every single time - and you don't need to employ wily subterfuge or menu 'hacks' to get it. Instead, just ask at the counter.

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As in previous years, the majority of McDonald's 1000-odd stores will be open for business on the Australia Day weekend. To find a McDonald's that's open in your area, simply visit the McDonald's Store Locator and type in your suburb or postcode (or the suburb/postcode of your expected pit stop.)

Alternatively, stick to main highways and major motorways - most of these stores should definitely be open!

Taste Test: McDonald's McVeggie Deluxe Burger

First it was Hungry Jack's. Then it was Domino's and KFC. Now, the last of the great carnivore purveyors is finally welcoming vegos to its store.

All hail the McDonald's McVeggie Deluxe! Or maybe kill it with fire. (Read our taste test to find out.)

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