Where Do You Find Jeans That Fit Your Athletic Butt? 

Where Do You Find Jeans That Fit Your Athletic Butt? 

It’s pretty awesome to lift enough weights, or play enough hockey, that you notice more muscle in your butt and thighs. But it’s not so awesome to hulk out of your own clothes, and notice that none of the pants in stores fit you anymore.

Professional hockey players often can’t wear store-bought jeans, which we know because Emily Kaplan asked a bunch of hockey players about their butts. Lucky for them, a pro hockey player’s salary easily covers the cost of custom-made pants.

I know this struggle as well, thanks to years of roller derby and lifting, but never found a great solution. When I asked teammates for recommendations, a common response was “dunno, I stopped wearing pants.” Leggings and skirts can get you pretty far in life, and many of the hockey players in Kaplan’s article said that sweatpants were their go-to lower body covering.

But there are some brands out there that claim to fit athletic butts. Barbell makes jeans in men’s and women’s styles. Mugsy makes stretchy jeans for men. SELF collected some recommendations from women that include specific Gap and Old Navy styles with a lot of stretch.

So I’d like to hear from you! Have you found a brand that easily fits your hard-to-fit athletic body? Are brands like Barbell and Mugsy worth it? Or if you get your jeans tailored to fit, how much does it cost and are you happy with the result?


  • I’m not going to pay $50-100 shipping to test out a pair from Barbell or Mugsy.

    Edwin is the only jeans-maker that I know of that sells some options in Australia with decent leg-room. Everyone else worships at the church of skinny, and I can only buy Levi’s in other countries now. If I was in the US, I could easily buy Lucky’s or other brands off the rack.

    I’ve looked at online tailored jeans options but those I’ve seen claim “made to measure” but while you can configure the belt loops, coin-pocket size and stitching thread colour, sizing is limited to standard waist and length sizes.

    • Rivers have a good assortment of stretch jeans with decent leg length. Unless you happen to be a 6′ 7 monster, there should have something suitable.

      Of course, if you prefer a name brand, then that may not be the best option

      • Thanks for the tip. I’m not a great fan of stretch jeans as I tend to overheat a bit without some air flow.

        If I were a 6’7 monster I’d be able to go to a big and tall shop, but at 6’1 I’m too petite for them.

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