This Long-Armed Travel Pillow Is Optimised For Chin Support

The Cabeau Evolution is many people’s favourite travel pillow, and the TRTL is great for people who nod their head to the side, but the BCOZZY is the best pillow I’ve tried for supporting your chin.

The BCOZZY looks like a pretty basic travel pillow, except its arms are long enough that you can wrap it around your neck and stack one on top of the other, creating a supportive chin rest.

With most travel pillows, the area below your chin is completely devoid of support, but with BCOZZY, it’s the focus. However, it does require you to lean back in your seat a few degrees for it to feel right, so I wouldn’t bring it on a budget airline or a daytime flight where reclining would be frowned upon.

My biggest quibble with the BCOZZY is that it isn’t made of memory foam like the Cabeau Evolution, so it doesn’t compress very much in your bag, though a strap on the back lets you attach it to a luggage handle. But it’s hard enough to sleep on planes, so if you’re most comfortable with your head tilting forward, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

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