Fastest Internet Plans In Australia: NBN And Netflix

When it comes to download speed, internet plans are far from equal. This is true even if you’ve been “blessed” with access to the National Broadbaand Network (NBN).

Fortunately, the ACCC is on the case to ensure we all know which internet service providers are punching above their weight. Here are ten plans that promise to provide an ultra-fast and reliable performance.

Fastest NBN Plans, According To The ACCC

According to the most recent ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) report, TPG holds the crown for fastest broadband, followed by Aussie Broadband, iiNet, Optus, Telstra and MyRepublic.

Here’s how each ISP fared:

(Note: While Aussie Broadband was the fastest overall, TPG came out on top when excluding results that are unable to achieve maximum plan speeds during busy hours.)

Crucially, average speeds did not slow significantly during peak usage times (7-11pm) – with a drop of just one percentage point during busy hours. In other words, the plans from these ISPs are both fast and reliable.

Armed with this information, it’s possible to choose a best-in-class plan by focusing on the highest speed tier from the “winning” providers. Here’s the fastest NBN option from each ISP.

Click on the interactive table below for more information on each plan:

Note: Telstra doesn’t offer NBN 100 plans (you need to pay $30 for a speed boost if you want to upgrade.)

Fastest NBN Plans, According To Netflix

Each month, the Netflix ISP Speed Index ranks Australia’s major internet providers based on average Netflix speeds during peak usage times. The index is not limited to NBN plans which makes it a good barometer for people stuck on ADSL2.

The current fastest performers for Netflix streaming include Exetel, Optus, TPG and iiNet.

Here are the best plans from each of the aforementioned providers.
Click on the interactive table below for more information on each plan.

So there you have it. With less than one Mbps between the results, any of the above ISPs should make for a fast, reliable connection. You can therefore plump for the cheapest option and still expect great speeds.

Just bear in mind that your location also plays a significant part. We recommend researching the local area before committing to a plan. Good luck!


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