Soothe Your Sunburn with Vinegar and Other Home Remedies

Soothe Your Sunburn with Vinegar and Other Home Remedies
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If a careless weekend in the sun has you red-faced and uncomfortably squirming in your chair, weblog Wise Bread rounds up a handful of cheap home remedies for your poor, sunburned skin. From vinegar to digging in your own garden, you can throw together most of the remedies using items you’ve already got in your pantry.

Of course, a better solution is a good defense against the sun, but if you spent your weekend under a 40 degree summer sun like I did, these tips which don’t include our previous oatmeal sunburn soother could be just what your suffering skin needs.

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Cool water is always the first thing you should apply to a sunburn, to lower the inflammation and irritation. Dunking yourself in the cool water can help to keep a sunburn from getting worse, along with getting out of the sun once you notice some red or pink skin.

Aloe Vera is a native plant that many of us have in our own back yard. The soothing gel inside this succulent can do wonders for sun burns. While you can buy many ointments or gels that include Aloe Vera, the main source is just as good. Just snap off a chunk and rub on the area, but make sure not to pull off more than you need – the plant needs its leaves.

Vinegar can help to take the sting out of a burn. If you add two cups of vinegar to a cool bath it is said by some to help provide relief. Others have said it can worsen the burn, so take caution in applying this home remedy.


  • I know this sounds completely crazy but vapor rub is not just for colds anymore!! It is the greatest relief for sunburn I know of. I work with teenage girls, who are absolutely impossible when they get burned!! We use the vapor rub on their burnt skin and it takes out the itching, burning and stiffness.

    Try it…. what have you got to loose?

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