Save Money By Flying On Mondays Rather Than Sundays


If you’re planning a trip for the New Year, you may want to consider flying back home on a Monday rather than a Sunday.

Google recently took a look at historical pricing for airfare and determined that travelling on a Monday can often be up to 31 per cent cheaper than travelling on Sunday from many destinations. So, rather than taking a long weekend that starts on Friday, you might be better served to shift your 3-day weekend trip to Saturday-Monday instead.

You can also save some cash by looking at surrounding airports. While you might think a big airport will offer the best deals, sometimes choosing to fly out of a smaller local airport can save you a bundle. According to Google, flight prices can sometimes drop 57%.


  • Flew to America a few years ago, and flew on a Monday because it was so much cheaper. Strangely enough, had to fly from Brisbane rather than Sydney. Strange because every other day of the week the flights flew out of Sydney instead of Brisbane. The cost to fly to Brisbane still kept the overall cost well below the usual fare.

    Apparently the reason it went from there was the pilot that typically did the Monday flight lived in Brisbane. He generally had the weekend at home most of the time, so it made practical sense to schedule the Monday morning flight from there rather than have the pilot fly down to Sydney earlier in the morning, and be tired for what was a 13 hour flight.

    Don’t know how true that really is, but it made sense to me at the time.

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