Samsung’s New Micro LED TV Has An Amazing Trick Up Its Sleeve

Samsung has leapfrogged a number of major TV makers at CES this year. The company’s new Micro LED televisions allow you to customise a screen to fit any room or space. It’s like Chose Your Own Adventure for the lounge room or home theatre.

According to the Korean electronics giant, the new technology, which originally debuted last year in The Wall, allows users to add Micro LED modules to expand a display to any size – even irregular 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1 screen sizes to fit particular aesthetic and functional needs.

So, you could use these to create digital frames to fill in a boring section of wall that would be otherwise hard to decorate. As the displays are bezel-free, you can put a number of displays next to each other for an uninterrupted image without dark lines disturbing the view.

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As the name suggests, Micro LEDs are really small LEDs. By shrinking them, Samsung has managed to create a display that offers lots of detail, blacker blacks – some say it’s superior to OLED which is the current premium display tech for TVs – and far better contrast. This is because Micro LEDs are inorganic and not subject to the same long-term degradation as OLED.

Being inorganic, it’s possible to create smaller LEDs than OLED allows, which means you can pack more pixels into a smaller area. Because they’re smaller, it allows for borderless and thinner displays. And there are potential power savings with some experts suggesting Micro LED could use half as much power as OLED.

Last year, manufacturing yields on Micro LED panels were low as the process to make them was relatively new and not yet fully refined. This is typical of new new technologies and is usually resolved as engineers refine processes assuming the market for Micro LED makes it worthwhile.

There are challenges with getting the individual pixels close to each other. Samsung’s core display in 2018 for Micro LED was a massive 146-inch display dubbed The Wall. But this year, they were able to show Micro LED working in a more home-friendly 75-inch display.

So when will we see this technology in Australia? The official statement from Samsung says: “Samsung Australia is currently assessing when to launch this product locally. More details will be shared regarding local availability at a later date.”

When Samsung debuted The Wall last year, it suggested Micro LED wouldn’t be mainstream for another couple of years. It seems that they have been able to overcome the manufacturing challenges and miniaturised the tech to a more consumer friendly size ahead of that schedule.


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