PSA: Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse Is NOT Visible From Australia

You’ve probably seen a bunch of headlines about the ‘super blood wolf moon’ total lunar eclipse which is set to wow stargazers on January 21. Unfortunately, most people in the Southern Hemisphere – including Australians – won’t be seeing anything out of the ordinary. Tch.

At approximately 11:41pm EST, the moon – which will appear larger than normal – will glow red in the night sky. However, the show will only be visible in North and South America, parts of Europe and Africa. We Antipodeans will be getting a boring old regular moon.

If you do want to experience the eclipse live, you’ll need to watch it online. We recommend NASA’s official Total Lunar Eclipse stream which you can find below. Coverage will kick off from 11:41pm AEDT.

Sadly, the next total lunar eclipse visible from Australia won’t be until 26 May 2021. Until then, you’ll need to make do with decidedly less impressive partial and penumbral lunar eclipses. You can search for the next eclipse visible from your city here.


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