How To Buy Champagne On A Light Beer Budget

Video: “Champagne” is more than something for your monocle to fall into when you’re outraged. Though it connotes luxury, there are many less expensive (but lower quality) options you might be fed when you try to get the fizzy stuff for cheap.

Our wine & spirits expert, Jake Cahill from Brooklyn’s Vanderbilt Wine Merchants, gives a newly engaged couple some tips on what to look for when finding budget-friendly sparkling wine.

As Jake explains, “Champagne” comes from a specific place (that would be Champagne, France) and is made in a specific way. However, you can find other wines from other places that have similar tastes and textures, and just don’t technically have the official “Champagne” moniker.

Check out more bubbling tips in the video above, and help yourself to a case of videos about wine in this series. Cheers!

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