The Best Web Hosting Companies For Australians [Updated]

The Best Web Hosting Companies For Australians [Updated]
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Web hosting has come a long way since the days of uploading a few static HTML pages, some images and perhaps a few extras like a gallery or discussion board. Today’s web hosts need to offer databases, automation, blogging platforms and a bunch more. When you’re ready to take your data into your own hands and run your own website you need to find a good web host that can make life as easy as possible for you.

Thankfully, there are dozens of great companies looking for your business. Today, we’re looking at five of the best.

Web hosting is a competitive business, whether that’s for a budget email-based account or for an option with dedicated servers. And, what we’ve noticed is that prices have fallen over the years. So, if you’ve been with the same host for a while, it may be worth checking out what else is available as you could easily save 20% on what you’re paying now while getting more features.

Many Australians happily use overseas hosting companies but there are options available in Australia. In general, the cost a little more but if you’ve got a favourite Aussie hosting provider, tell us what’s so good about them in the comments.


Dreamhost is one of the web’s most popular hosts, offering both standard shared plans starting as low as $US6.95/month and dedicated server plans for customers with larger bandwidth and availability needs. The company has a reputation for added features, including one-click installs for blogging and gallery software that make getting your own site up and running fast and easy. Options on some plans include unlimited email accounts, support for Google apps, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited databases. You can check out all of Dreamhost’s plans here.


Hostgator rolls out the red carpet for its new customers with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, lots of easy-to-install site templates, and an uptime guarantee, all starting at $US2.75/month for their most affordable plans. Business plans that support unlimited domains and email accounts start at US$6.95 per month. Even its low-end plans feature unlimited email and one-click installs. The longer you sign up for, the bigger the discount you get on your monthly hosting bill. You can check out all of Hostgator’s plans here.


Bluehost’s shared hosting plans start at $US2.75/mo, which gets you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited file transfer, unlimited email and a free domain registration. And business plans, that start at $5.95 per month offer unlimited bandwidth, capacity and even throw in some vouchers towards marketing your site. Basic plans offer unlimited hosted domains, domain parking, e-commerce features and one-click WordPress installs. You can check out all of Bluehost’s features here.


GoDaddy is perhaps one of the most well-known web hosting companies on the planet. As well as a massive US presence, they have set up shop in Australia and offer local support. I have a few sites and domains hosting with them and, when it looks like they’ve been able to save me money, as plans and options change, they’ve called me to move things in order to save me money. Plans start at $4.99 (that’s Aussie dollars) per month for personal plans and range up to $64.99 per month for business plans. You can check out GoDaddy’s plans here.

A Small Orange

A Small Orange is a niche hosting company with a serious focus on customer service rather than size and scale. With A Small Orange, you can get a variety of plans with different bandwidth and disk space options that also feature unlimited databases, unlimited email addresses and unlimited subdomains. Plans are on the expensive side starting at US$8 per month with US$25 and US$35 monthly options if you need more storage and bandwidth. All plans include 24/7 email and live chat support. You can check out A Small Orange’s plans here.


  • It’s not Australian, but laughing squid is pretty good for hosting. They have managed WordPress hosting but also cloud sites hosting. I used their regular hosting for a few years (and used Hover for the domain name) and never had a problem with them.

  • I’d had some really good experiences with A Small Orange over the years. My most recent experience though, involved them taking 2 weeks to respond to a basic support ticket (not to fix it, just to make an initial response). No apologies or explanations given. I’m no longer with them.

  • Have NOT enjoyed using Bluehost for what it’s worth. Trends toward really slow on lower tier plans, at least.

    A special mention for a service named Flywheel for dedicated WordPress hosting. They have a Singapore datacentre that is fast and despite time differences, email support has been top notch.

  • Go daddy is really awful. They block all sorts of things that you want to use. Want email from your Web server? You need to use their horrible email service that barely works, because they block outbound smtp connections. Want to use let’s encrypt for certificates? I hope you’re bloody good with non-root shell scripts and other strange fuckery to get that working, cause God knows go daddy doesn’t give you the latest version of cpanel that supports it natively.

  • I’d have to think GoDaddy is in the list for a bit of comic relief!

    We’ve had great help from VenturIP (for the last few years) and HostingBay (for many many years) both great people to deal with and based in Australia with Australian support.

    Make sure you are very careful with MelbourneIT and it’s many subsidiaries, and the Crazies (Crazy Domains) – there’s a good reason they have that name.

    • Agreed goDaddy isn’t great. NetRegistry is trash support wise. I’ve been with VentraIP for years. Very good support, they have specials going all the time.

    • To be fair – we never said it was “the” top five. It’s “a” top five. And if you have some better suggestions to share with the Lifehacker community then I’d love to hear them.

      • A ‘top five’? Seriously? Do you mean the top 5 in the bottom 10 out of the top 100 – as in numbers 90-95 in the list?

        It’s a bit like talking about alternative truths. Very Trumpian.

    • Panthur were the best, but have been purchased by Hostopia who appear to like purchasing good companies and bringing them down to the lowest possible service levels.

      Be careful Ed, their service levels are nowhere near what they used to be when Adam ran the place.

  • I am never a fan of these large US companies.

    Why not include some Australian Hosting Providers, such as VentraIP? I’ve been with them for nearly 8 years, and they are a lot better than those corporate companies.

  • Good Australian hosts: Ventraip and their smaller division for cheaper hosting Zuver, and Netorigin. Siteground is also brilliant.
    All the above have reliable customer support.
    I wouldn’t recommend Hostgator, Bluehost or Godaddy.

  • I’ve found Cloudways to be amazing! Was hesitant to use a non-cPanel webhost, but it is excellent.

    Other than that, VentraIP is an excellent Australia based we host with great extras at even the starter plan (unlimited add on domains, hourly backups)

  • What am I missing here?

    Title: “The Best Web Hosting Companies For Australians [2018]”
    Body: “Many Australians happily use overseas hosting companies but there are options available in Australia.” (emphasis mine)

    This seemed at first glance to be about AUSTRALIAN Web Hosting companies, but I find that all the recommended companies are international. It might be better to make this clearer.

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