Dyson’s Pure Cool Keeps Your Air Clean And Chill

Dyson’s Pure Cool Keeps Your Air Clean And Chill

I overheat easily, and have some chronic sinus issues, so I had to check out the Dyson Pure Cool.

The Pure Cool, as you can probably guess, is a combination fan and air purifier. It is not a portable air conditioner, though the air does come out very cool, and unlike some previous Dyson products, it doesn’t do triple duty as a space heater. The desk version will run you $549, though unfortunately the $699 tower is no longer available in Australia.

Dyson fans (get it?) will love the design of this thing, from the bladeless fan to the quiet operation to the beautiful screen that’s easily legible from across the room and fully dimmable. The included remote is fine, but the app and Alexa are better.

ImageGraphic: Dyson

The fan has 10 speeds, with everything under the five setting being pretty negligible noise-wise, and it can also oscillate at whatever angle makes sense for your room.

If for some reason you want the clean air and not the accompanying breeze (you monster), the “backward airflow” mode will send the Pure Cool’s output backward and upward.

Air purifiers are not cheap, nor are they a product you want to skimp on. You can definitely find cheaper, great air purifiers and cheaper standalone fans, but the comfort you take in Dyson’s filter technology and the comfort you get from the Pure Cool’s breeze, plus the space you’ll save by combining appliances are worth the price of admission here.


    • You might be able to get it working with Google via a Logitech universal remote. I believe they work with Dyson (maybe only for basics though, like on/off) and also work with Google.

      Simple workaround that might help a lot of devices otherwise anti-Google – use Logitech as the hub. But yeah, natural support would be much better. I haven’t tried this myself by the way, I’ve been too lazy to hunt out my wifi password and set it all up…

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