Our Favourite Pizza Hacks

Our Favourite Pizza Hacks
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In 1830, the world’s first pizzeria opened in Naples, Italy. Fast-forward to the present day, and pizza is everywhere.

If you’re planning to chow down on some pizza tonight, give Domino’s a miss and try these tips and recipes instead. Whether you’re starting from scratch, heating up leftover takeaway or fancying up a frozen supermarket pizza you won’t be disappointed.

Traditional Pizza Making Tips From ‘Pizza Party’ Chef Simone Franchi

Pizza Party is a mobile pizza catering service that provides stone based Italian pizzas for parties and corporate functions. We recently caught up with the company’s founder Simone Franchi and asked him how to create the perfect pizza. Here are his tips.

Reheat Your Pizza On The Stove Top For Fast Pizza With A Crispy Crust

It’s wonderful to find leftover pizza in your kitchen, but reheating in the microwave can make it soggy, while the oven takes forever. Instead try heating your pizza up on the stove top.

Make A Delicious, Crispy Pizza Out Of Sweet Potato Mash

Freeze Whole Tomatoes Now To Preserve Their Flavour For Winter Sauces

Freeze Whole Tomatoes Now to Preserve Their Flavour for Winter Sauces

The Best Pizza Sauce Requires One Ingredient And No Prior Cooking


Leftover Pizza Egg-In-A-Hole Is Your New Favourite Breakfast


How Professional Chefs Upgrade Frozen Pizza


Bake More Pizzas In The Oven By Cutting Them In Half

If you want to bake multiple pizzas for your party, but don’t have enough space in your oven, this simple space-management trick will let you cook more at the same time.

The Secret To Perfect Homemade Pizza Is Water

Make The Ultimate Pizza At Home With A DIY Brick Oven

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Find The Perfect Beer Pairing For Your Pizza With This Visual Guide


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