What’s The Best Secret Santa Gift?

What’s The Best Secret Santa Gift?

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a good way to cut down your family’s excess holiday spending, and also, in theory, a pleasant, festive way to get to know your coworkers better. If you’re not especially well-acquainted with your chosen gift-ee, however, they can also be stressful as hell!

My personal go-to gift is a box of scratch-off lotto tickets — or a box of scratch-off lotto tickets and aeroplane-sized booze bottles — presuming the person I’m charged with gifting isn’t a teetotaler, or virulently anti-gambling.

This is admittedly a crass and un-creative approach (though I’d argue that it allows for individualization in your choice of specific scratch-offs, as well as booze options).

Still, there’s plenty of room to come up with something better than that. So Tell Us: if you’re tasked with picking out a gift for someone you might not know well—and usually within a low-ish price limit — what’s your failsafe option? And has it ever…. failed? What unexpected gifts have you been on the receiving end of that particularly delighted you? Let us know in the comments.


  • Jump on one of those crappy cheap phone apps like Wish or Geek and search for something that fits the price guideline and hit buy. Got someone a mini drone thing which was fun to crash and another person a Donald Trump mask hahaha!

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