What Were Your Biggest Tech Regrets Of 2018?

What Were Your Biggest Tech Regrets Of 2018?
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As the year winds to a close, it’s time to look back at all the tech-related fun we’ve had the last 360-plus days. Smile at the new upgrades we purchased! Cringe at all the apps we wasted time and money on! Not talk about some of those gadgets that decent amount of money and seemed cool at the time, but now collect dust on a shelf!

I’m especially interested in those last two, since I’m willing to bet that we all have quite a few tech regrets this year—which could also include things like “not deleting my Facebook even though I thought about it a lot,” or “botching that SSD upgrade and kicking myself for not having a recent backup of my data.”

While I have been thankful to not experience any catastrophic hardware issues this year, nor do I feel like I blew money on disappointing geeky toys, I’m a little sad that I put off—for the second year in a row—my grand plan to build a portfolio of my work on my personal website.

I also took way too long to list some older computer components on eBay—my penultimate graphics card, mainly—which didn’t generate as much cash as they otherwise might have. Other annual lowlights include the time when I lost that annoying little adaptor Apple gives you to connect your Apple Pencil to a Lightning cable. I had been so good about keeping that in the same, secure location, too.

But enough about me. What were your biggest tech regrets of 2018? Let us know in the comments, and I’ll feature the best responses in a follow-up post. I do love ringing in the new year with a good cringe—all in good fun, of course.


  • The iPhone XS Max. I generally like iPhones but when I started using it (swapped from a brief switch to a Pixel 2 XL) my reaction was “How the hell was this worth $1800?”

    • How the hell was this worth $1800?

      The phone is probably worth just under $1000, Thes rest is just the privilege of it being an apple product.

      Razer does the same with their products. Most of their stuff is just as good if not worse than most gaming products. But because it got some fancy lights and the razer brand its suddenly double the price.

      Brand recognition > Functionality.

    • The Max is the Mercedes S class of phones.
      It contains all the high tech that will trickle down to cheaper phones over the next few years.
      That includes Android phones.

      You are paying for the R&D, and the best tech in a phone.

      To suggest you are paying for privilege is pure trolling.

      • Bullshit. It’s just an iPhone X with a bigger screen and an inconsequentially faster processor. Given the lower than expected sales figures of the XS range, clearly the market is starting to think that it’s not worth the price of admission. In many ways it’s the same iPhone I’ve been using for ages.

        I’m lucky enough to have the disposable income to buy these phones, but I could have bought a Galaxy Note 9 with much better value. Apple needs to up its game.

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