Watch The First Trailer For Avengers 4: Endgame Here

Seems like only yesterday we saw the last Avengers film… and that’s because it wasn’t that long ago. April, to be exact. But with the next movie — entitled Avengers: Endgame — only five months away, Marvel’s PR train is pulling out of the station with this, the first trailer.

If you’re worried about spoilers, don’t be. While we get to see snippets of the Cap, Stark, Black Widow and more, Marvel has done a great job of not ruining the film. I suppose there’s one surprise, right at the end, but it’s something most people would be able to figure out themselves.

And here is the poster.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers — Official Trailer [YouTube]


    • Its more than likely they held back on this trailer because they dont want to give anything away for other movies that might be central to A4, My guess being captain marvel.

      • Agreed, I reckon we won’t get much info and won’t see Captain Marvel in any of the trailers, the first time we’ll see her really interact with the current Avengers will be in the end credits for the Captain Marvel movie.

      • The first part of the trailer got my attention, but really it and the rest didn’t actually say much. What it did say was generally stuff that had been leaked months ago, so really, what did it add that Hawkeye was where he was, or Cap had that outfit on, or that Ant Man turned up with his van?

        Like you, I think its there just to be SOMETHING, and the really juicy trailers wont be until around Capt Marvel. One in the lead up to that teasing something (and helping promote CM), another final trailer afterwards fleshing out Capt Marvels role in A4.

        I think this was more about revealing the name than anything else.

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