Use These Tweaks To Make Google Chrome Load Faster

If, like me, you use Chrome with a billion tabs open, restarting the browser can bring your PC to its knees for the minute or so it takes to restore everything. Extensions such as The Great Suspender help immensely, but with a few tweaks, you can make it even better.

If you use session restore and tend to leave a lot of tabs open, then the following two experimental flags should help make Chrome start faster and be more responsive.

First of all, hit up Chrome’s internal flags page, via chrome://flags. Then, you can type “session restore” into the search box up top, or visit the tweaks individual via the following anchors:


Note that “Page Almost Idle” option is required in order to activate “Infinite Session Restore”.

In conjunction, they prevent all your tabs from loading at once when the session is restored, allowing you to actually use the browser while everything is loaded up.

Now, if Google could just revert back to the pre-Chrome 70 UI, everything would be great…

Improve Session Restore responsiveness in Google Chrome [gHacks]


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