The Most Popular Posts Of 2018

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Lifehacker readers are nothing if not practical. According to our traffic logs, in 2018 you wanted faster wifi, cheaper flights, and a guide to staying anonymous when you win the lottery. All stuff that people need to live a happy and productive life. Check out our stories on these topics and more in our ten most popular posts of the year.

10. Cipro’s Safety Warnings Just Got Scarier

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9. How to Share a Friend’s Instagram Story in Your Own

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8. How to Avoid an ‘Unblockable’ Presidential Alert

7. How to Make Spam Calls Automatically Go to Voicemail on Android

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6. The Best Time to Book Flights, Based on 917 Million Airfares

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5. How to Stay Anonymous When You Win the Lottery

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4. The 10 Best Ways to Boost Your Home Wifi

3. How to Turn Google Maps Into Mario Kart

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2. How Much You’ll Actually Take Home from the $US1.6 ($2) Billion Mega Millions Jackpot

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1. What Parents Need to Know About Juuling

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