The Best Etiquette Advice Of 2018

We here at Lifehacker devote a truly endless amount of energy to the contemplation of proper etiquette. How to split the check, how to chat up your coworkers without being too extra about it, how to deal with rude friends, how to deal with rude strangers, all manner of fraught interaction that happens over email or on social media…the list goes on.

2018 was no exception, and our etiquette stories ran the gamut, from cat-befriending to replying-all with abandon. Below, our best etiquette coverage from the year:

Pick Up Other People’s Trash

Photo: Philip Bragg

Don’t Invite Your Partner to a Friend Event

Photo: Elle Hughes, Pexels

Stop Posting Pictures of Strangers on Social Media

Image: Sam Woolley, GMG

Do This When Your Kid Stares at People With Disabilities

Photo: Eky Akmal / EyeEm, Getty Images

Why You Should Get Good at Small Talk

Photo: Elena Lopes, Pexels

Pick Up the Damn Phone to Order Your Food

Photo: Charles Deluvio ????????, Unsplash

In Defence of Replying All

Illustration: Elena Scotti, Photos: Getty Images

How Not to Care When People Don’t Like You

Screenshot: NBC

Holding the Door Open Is Not That Hard

Screenshot: HBO

How to Get a Cat to Like You

Illustration: Chelsea Beck

How to Shush Someone Without Being an Arsehole

Illustration: Sam Woolley, GMG