Samsung’s Next Big Smartphone Could Have A Holographic Display [Updated]

Samsung’s Next Big Smartphone Could Have A Holographic Display [Updated]
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Samsung is reportedly working on a futuristic smartphone that boasts everything from a ‘hidden’ camera in the middle of the screen to a holographic display. Other highlights reportedly include an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, an atmospheric pressure sensor, an inbuilt projector and a transparent antenna for a true bezeless display. Could this be the Samsung Galaxy S10 or something else entirely?

New patents filed by Samsung have revealed what the next generation of smartphones could be bringing to the table. In addition to a cavalcade of new sensors, the biggest draw card revealed by the patents is a bezel-free display, something many phone users have been clamouring for ever since the introduction of the notch.

As reported by Letsgodigital, the patent also makes mention of a ‘hologram device’ which will make it possible to show “3D projection images in the air using interference of light”. This sounds like something out of a Star Wars. We can see it having potential for AR gaming but are struggling to think of other real world uses.

Here’s a closer look at the patented features:

Image: Letsgodigital/Samsung

Image: Letsgodigital/Samsung

As with most patents, there’s no indication of when these features will make it to market – if at all. With that said, Samsung recently showed off similar display concepts at an industry event in China. This suggests that the technology might not be too far off from reality.

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This potentially means Samsung will launch four major smartphone models in 2019 – the Galaxy S10, folding “Galaxy SX”, Galaxy Note10 and an all-new ultra flagship. Alternatively, the S10 could be far more exciting than previously thought.

While holographic displays might be a bridge too far, we fully expect to see some of these features crop up on the S10, which is slated to appear in early 2019. (An in-screen fingerprint scanner is almost a certainty, for example.) It’s worth noting that 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy – so big things are expected.

[Via Letsgodigital]


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