It’s Time To Set Your 2019 Money Goals

It’s Time To Set Your 2019 Money Goals

Now that we’ve talked about setting goals and reviewed our performance for this year, it’s time to talk about next year. To that end, my 2019 money goal is…


Saving as much money as possible! Yay! Original, I know. But, in order to actually accomplish this goal over the ensuing months, I’ll need to start breaking that down into weekly or monthly mini-goals I can cross off, as I wrote about here.

That includes:

  • Actually bringing my lunch to work. Which could further broken up into finding simple, tasty recipes that travel well (hello MTA), or stocking inexpensive grab-and-go lunch options. A sub-sub-goal I have is to make time for Aldi’s more often, instead of falling back on the pricier grocery stores in my neighbourhood.

    No, I don’t think bringing your lunch will make you wealthy, but I do know that I’m often lazy and this could be an easy way for me to save some money, especially in NYC.

  • Cutting back on alcohol and nights out. This one is good for my health and my wallet. Instead, I’ll try to institute some inexpensive nights out, or focus on activities I enjoy doing on my own.

  • No new clothes. I mean, I have enough, I’ll be fine. Underwear on the other hand is a must.

  • Tracking my spending with DollarBird. I’ve recently started using DollarBird and it’s the first budgeting app I’ve really enjoyed using because it’s relatively simple and low-commitment.

  • Finding ways to make more money. Nothing helps as much as supplementing your cashflow. I’m looking for more ways to make more money in 2019, and hoping to write more articles in that vein in the new year.

A lot of this comes down to building better daily routines, structuring my day in a way to help, rather than hinder, success. There are a million ways to do this, of course, and I’ve settled on just a few.

One of the most important is to remind myself that I’m saving for freedom, not just because some finance professional said to.

And, you know, just doing it, instead of talking about it.

It’s also recognising that I’m not going to stick to all of these mini-goals at all times. I’m (definitely) going to mess up. But if the general trend is in the direction I’d like to go, then that’s pretty good.

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