PSA: You Can Set Windows 10's 'High Performance' Profile For Individual Apps

If you have a laptop with switchable graphics, odds are you're familiar with the option to force which GPU — Intel or NVIDIA / AMD — your PC should use when running a particular program. However, Windows 10 has introduced another per-app feature that lets you pick which performance profile should be used, handy is you want every drop of speed from your hardware.

The option can be found in "System -> Display -> Graphics settings", as Martin Brinkmann explains over at gHacks.

From this screen, you'll be able to browse the programs on your PC, and configure the profile they should use.

Three options should be available: "System default", "Power saving" or "High performance".

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While it's not entirely clear what this setting does under the hood — it might only force which GPU the app uses — it can't hurt to explicitly set it for demanding programs, such as games.

Assign graphics performance preferences to Windows 10 programs [gHacks]


    This has been in windows since I believe 1803 and all it does is select which gpu will be used the the specific application.

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