How To Help Survivors Of The Tsunami In Indonesia

How To Help Survivors Of The Tsunami In Indonesia

Last Saturday, the eruption of Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano triggered a tsunami that killed over 400 of people and displaced 20,000 more. According to The Guardian, authorities have rerouted aeroplanes around the volcano, which is threatening another eruption. Here’s what you can do to aid victims of this natural disaster.

First of all, donating money is usually the best bet. You can check the charities you’re donating to using Charity Navigator, which rates how well the money is distributed by non-profits. If possible, donate directly rather than texting, even if that seems easier; according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, charities often have to wait on phone companies to release the money, which delays aid. Here are some organisations to consider for donations.


This group directs donations to local organisations, according to Fast Company. They also allow you to specify where your money can go in Indonesia, if you want more than general tsunami aid:

…Whether specifically for tsunami and earthquake recovery, or for other worthy causes like orangutan rescue or saving slow lorises or saving street kids from a life of poverty.

You can donate here.


UNICEF is already in Indonesia and they focus on assessing the danger to children and families. You can donate here.

Red Cross

The Red Cross has a specific Indonesian branch called Palang Merah Indonesia, which is already on the ground. They assist with search and rescue, and distribute clean drinking water, hygiene and cleaning supplies to people who can’t return home. They also drop supplied in areas along the coastline that are difficult to reach. There is also the International Federation of Red Cross volunteers who are offering emergency response. Donate here.

Catholic Relief Services

This group works with local partners to provide emergency relief and assistance, especially to families. Donate here.

Doctors Without Borders 

This group has already sent a team to the area, according to the New York Times. They work with local health providers to assist victims. Donate here.

International Medical Corps 

This group assesses what the most urgent needs are, and is on stand by to assist the government with helping families. You can donate here.

Islamic Relief USA 

This group manages a malnutrition project in Indonesia, and has sent a team to determine what is needed in the area. Donate here.


This group is also focused on hygiene and clean water, distributing kits with blankets and soap and building toilets. You can donate here.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT Indonesia)

This is a humanitarian foundation that “allows online bank transfers and online donations,” according to AJC. You can research where that money is distributed here.

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