How To Boost Your Investments Using Algorithms

How To Boost Your Investments Using Algorithms
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Now is the best time to find better and faster ways to build a secure financial future.

However, it’s hard to find the time to work on an investment strategy with all the other commitments in life.

How To Boost Your Investments Using Algorithms

Brought to you by Stockspot. Stockspot is Australia’s first and largest online investment adviser. They make it easy for Australians to grow their wealth through globally diversified portfolios, without the crippling fees that can impact returns.

According to Stockspot, an online investment adviser, robo-advice is now the fastest growing area of wealth management globally, expected to grow to US$2.2 trillion, or five percent of all money managed, by 2020.

It makes investing your money as seamless as possible with a series of algorithms that help tailor your investments based on your financial needs.

“I started Stockspot five years ago because I saw too many people getting poor investment advice from stockbrokers and financial advisers,” said Stockspot CEO, Chris Bryki.

“The evidence shows that simple, low-cost ETFs [exchange traded funds] beat picking stocks or paying expensive fund managers over the long run.”

Welcome to the future.

Robo-advice, an automated investment tool, is one of the key ways you can get ahead with your investment strategy without having to give up your most precious resource – time.

It’s better for your investments because it leverages algorithms and data science to provide you with protections against the human elements of investing. For some, investing can be an emotional decision, like getting excited about BitCoin or having a love for Domino’s Pizza.

There’s a better way to invest. Stockspot’s investing philosophy is to alleviate time (and money) wasted on actively trading shares.

Robo-advisors can analyse your age, your income, preferred risk strategy and your current life stage to make the right choices.

It can also reduce the cost of advice, administration and fund management, meaning that your overall fees can be lower.

Here are the best reasons to get on board.

1. Easy to use

Robo advice is incredibly easy to use. While it doesn’t have to be set and forget, it’s an absolute dream to know that your investments are in a fund tailored to your circumstances.

All you need to do is answer questions about yourself, your age, preferred risk strategy and financial position.

2. Reduces the fees you pay – and saves you tens of thousands in the long term

Fees can be the biggest drag on a portfolio’s return. So the trick to getting ahead is to leverage a robo advisor so you can avoid a lot of the fees and commissions that are built into traditional advice structures. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Make the data and algorithms work for you

How do you work out how much of your money to put in each asset class? The algorithms for robo-advisors are proprietary and differ from provider to provider.

Stockspot allocates the percentage of each asset class in your portfolio using a theory developed by Economics Nobel Prize winners Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe.

It means you’re getting these algorithms to work for you so that you can build your wealth for your future.

4. Flexibility

You get to plan your financial future in your own time. Robo advisers are 24/7. So whether you’re on the bus to work, having a late night in the office, or deciding to get your finances in order during those short but sweet weekends – you can plan your investments when it suits you.

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