Get A Free Game Every Two Weeks On The Epic Games Store

Get A Free Game Every Two Weeks On The Epic Games Store

You can never have enough video games.

Earlier this month, Epic Games, which you might know best as the creator of Fortnite, launched its own digital game storefront. Like Steam, the Epic Game Store offers players a way to buy PC games online.

At the moment, it’s a much smaller store, but Epic has a few tricks up its sleeve to get people interested… Like free games.

Starting December 14, Epic will give away a rotating free video game on its store for its first year in business. The game will change every two weeks, so you should have plenty of time to stop by and claim it, but you might want to set a calendar to remind yourself to pop in.

The store’s first game is newly completed open-world survival game Subnautica. Set under the ocean on an alien planet, you are stranded, trapped alone in an underwater base.

To survive, you must explore, find materials to craft equipment, and not get eaten by alien sharks and jellyfish-spiders. Subnautica will be available free through the Epic Game Store through December 27.

On December 28, Epic will move on to its second free game, the devilishly tricky platformer Super Meat Boy. The Epic store shows icons for both games right now, so I would expect Epic will announce the next free game after the shift. Super Meat Boy will be available for free through the Epic Games Store through January 10.

Once you download the games through the store, you’ll need to download the Epic Games launcher to play them, which you do by clicking the blue “Get Epic Games” button in the top right corner of the store page.


  • Epic Games, which you might know best as the creator of Fortnite…Only if you’re under the age of 20. Most people would know them best for Unreal [Tournament].

  • Do you get to keep the game for forever just just for those 2 weeks? Like the Steam weekend thing, were you downloaded a game for ages & you got it play it for a weekend before losing it again.

  • “This product is currently unavailable in your region.”

    Is this post another that’s copied from the US site and pasted on the AU version??

  • The more info for the epic store comes out the more anti consumer it feels. A few cheap games that most people probably already own and siloed exclusives does not a good store make.

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