Get 3 Months Of Spotify Premium For Under $1

Get 3 Months Of Spotify Premium For Under $1
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If you’re still listening to Spotify with ads, please do yourself a favour and take advantage of this cheap holiday deal for Spotify Premium, even if you cancel at the end of three months. Please.

Likely released to compete with Amazon’s offer of three months of their own music streaming service for $0.99, Spotify is now offering the same deal for their own Premium service.

Unfortunately for current and previous subscribers, the offer is only available to users who have never used Premium before, but if that’s you it’s well worth checking out.

As a reminder, Premium Spotify users get ad-free listening, the ability to download songs and playlists for offline listening, and are able to choose and skip any song they want. For people who use Spotify regularly, it’s well worth it.

Once the three months is up, you’ll be charged the regular monthly fee of $11.99, though you can cancel the subscription whenever you like.

Click here to get the deal!


  • Haha this deal was the “gateway drug” that turned me from free to premium about 2 years ago! To be fair premium is totally worth it at full price anyway.

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