All The TV Shows Ending In 2018-2019 [Updated]

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TV is a cutthroat business - whether it's cable, streaming or free-to-air. We have the full list of the shows that have been consigned to the scrapheap in 2018 - from iZombie (meh) to Adventure Time (no!).

Most of the shows on this list were collated by Metacritic based on official statements from networks, studios and streaming giants. The majority won't be returning in 2019 at all, while a few will be allowed to limp into one final season.

We've included links to each show so you can add the stuff you haven't seen to your binge list (at least you know exactly how many episodes you're in for.)

Adventure Time
The Exorcist
Jane The Virgin
Blood Run
The Strain
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The big losses here (in our humble opinion) are Veep, Adventure Time, The Exorcist, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Nashville (it's a guilty pleasure, mmkay?) We will also miss the bat-shit craziness of Zoo.

Naturally, the void will be filled with a bunch of new properties which you can find at the link below. Whether any of them are any good remains to be seen.

This story has been updated since its original publication date.

[Via Metacritic]


    Not sure its fair to call the ones entering their final seasons cancelled.

    The GoT comments show why. Most of them are popular enough that given different storylines would still be continuing, but instead are finishing on their own terms. Not all of them, some like Gotham are getting one last season just because, but most are retiring, not being cancelled.

    Its misleading to put those finishing on their own terms in the same group as some of that crud.

      I was thinking the same. Some shows only have a limited story and can't go for ever.

      I sort of address that in the intro:

      It just goes to show that even popular TV shows aren't always safe from the axe.

      It'd be weird not to include certain shows just because they're still popular - the point is that they are all ending.

      Yeah, it's just crappy writing to be more dramatic. What else would you expect from here?

      "I can't believe Breaking Bad was cancelled, we'll never know how it ended."

        And why did they cancel the Lord of the Rings trilogy after only three movies?

    The Strain finished in 2017 (last episode broadcast Sep 17)

    Lucifer has gone to Netflix. Roseanne is cancelled but is returning as The Conners without Roseanne Barr. And not on the list, is Timeless which has been cancelled again.

    Anyone got or seen any good lists of the best tv series to watch that have completed with a proper ending and are long ish (5+) seasons?

      Do you mean 5 UK seasons or US seasons, the latter typically being 4x as many episodes per season as the former?

      On your narrow criteria:
      * Dexter
      * Rake
      * 30 Rock
      * NewsRadio
      * Frasier
      * Larry Sanders Show

      If you're prepared to accept 3 densely-scripted seasons: Life on Mars + Ashes to Ashes (basically the same series and continued story arc)

        Hey thanks for replying with your ideas.

        Yeah British seasons (I.e. 6 or less episodes) are good, I've had a kid recently and don't get much TV time so would rather watch good stuff with a proper ending than try to keep up with current shows and they get cancelled suddenly!

        Loved Dexter, 30 rock, Frasier and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes so will definitely check out Rake, NewsRadio and the Larry Sanders Show, thanks for the tip.

    This list needs to be properly cleaned up, so that shows that finished in 2017 or earlier are removed (e.g. The Strain)

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