Dealhacker: Beat The Heat With 50% Off Air Conditioners At Catch

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Catch is having a fan and air-conditioner sale that will help take the edge off the coming summer inferno. There are portable options to suit rooms of any size as well as reverse cycle units that'll require professional installation. There are even options to keep your pets comfortable when the temperature peaks. Here are some of the highlights.

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Catch has a range of portable air conditioning units available, discounted by between $400 and $500. The 3.5KW Levante Tango 12000BTU 3.5kW Portable Air Conditioner with Remote will set you back $399 - a saving of $400.

The larger Levante Tango 14000BTU 4.1kW version is $449 while the big-arse Levante Tango 16000BTU 4.7kW costs an extra $50.

Portable options are handy if you're renting or if you don't need to cool the whole house at once.

For your pets, there are a variety of cooling mats. The Smart Choice 40x50cm Pet Cooling Mat will set you back a mere $14.99. Need to cool a larger pet? Smart Choice's 61x76cm Pet Cooling Mat is $26.99 with the huge Trendy Pets 74x53cm Cooling Pet Bed coming in at $29.95.

The $149 Goldair 2.5L Misting Fan, meanwhile, will blow cool air and a gentle mist of water around, helping you cool off. It has three speed settings and a remote controls you can toggle between blowing air around and the misting function.

If you're throwing a party of the festive season, the Heller 50cm High Velocity Floor Fan will help keep the air moving in large spaces. A mere $39 will help keep the air flowing at your party.

If you're looking to get some new reverse cycle units installed so you can stay warmer in the winder as well shaving a few degrees from the summer heat, Catch has a few options available.

There's the Norwegia 2.6kW 9000BTU Heating & Cooling Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System. That's good for rooms up to 20 square metres so it should comer most bedrooms and home offices nicely.

For larger spaces, there's the 18000 BTU Norwegia 5.1kW Heating & Cooling Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System which is good for rooms up to 33 square metres which would suffice for most lounge areas and rumpus rooms.

There are also a range of pedestal fans like the Heller 40cm Basic Pedestal Fan for $24 or the fancier looking Goldair 45cm High Velocity Wooden Tripod Pedestal Fan for $149.

You can find more deals at Catch's Cooling Sale.

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