A Guide To Introducing Whips Into The Bedroom

A Guide To Introducing Whips Into The Bedroom
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Your skin is your biggest sensory organ, so it’s worth remembering not to leave it out of your fun in the bedroom. As well as being a psychological turn-on for many people, spanking, whipping and slapping in the close proximity of your genital area helps to gets the blood flowing for bigger and more intense orgasms – so what are you waiting for?

But before you fully immerse yourself in this particular activity, there are clear safety guides to follow for maximum enjoyment.

Starting to paddle…

Before you start to experiment, it is vital to discuss how you’ll go about dishing out some sexy corporal punishment to your partner. Whether you’re the giver or receiver, consent is the first step to success when it comes to something that has the potential for pain, like impact play. Taking the time to iron out the dos and don’ts before pressing ahead with the paddling will set you both up for the best possible experience.

It’s also best practice to agree on a safe word that will stop play before you get started. The more unsexy you can make it, the better, as you won’t be likely to accidentally say it in the heat of the moment, and it will jar you both out of the moment if things are moving too fast.

Caring for your skin post-paddle is a must-do, too, so make sure you’ve got some soothing moisturiser to hand to ease any tender patches of skin afterwards.

Caution: Spank with care

Spanking is not a race, so there’s no need to rush. Don’t go in all guns blazing and start thwacking everything as hard as you can – that’s a guaranteed mood-killer! Start by lightly tapping your partner’s bare skin with an open, slightly cupped hand, and if they’re comfortable with this, gradually increase the pressure. Remember, you should only be striking fleshy parts of the body below the waist (so really only the butt and thighs, but steer clear of the cleft in the centre).

Of course, always pay attention to your partner’s reactions, and listen out for the safe word. If you hear it, stop play immediately!

Accessorise your play

If you’re looking to amp up the anticipation, switch your hand for something with a little more bite. A paddle is the way to go if you’re looking to take your spanking to the next level, and avoid a serious case of tingle-palm. Many designs are firm-but-flexible to provide those satisfying slaps. The dual-sided Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle is perfect for sensation of variation, as one side is covered in padded satin, while the other delivers a sharper thwack thanks to the cool leather.

If whips are more your jam, then begin with a flogger. Designed with shorter handles, which prevent the spanker building up too much momentum, and lots of soft fronds to help to spread the sensation, these versatile toys mean you can tease your partner’s extra-sensitive skin in between spanks. Lovehoney’s Beginner’s Flogger is ideal for exploring sensory play.

To finish

Spanking and whipping are not only great if you’re looking for the next step in your sexual escapades, but they also prolong your sexual experience and bring you closer to your partner. And what can be better than that?

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