Worst... FTTP Install... Ever!

Image: Facebook

The image above was shared on the Facebook page Hills District Dads (HDD) Sydney under the caption 'Fibre aggregation node. NBN style.' Um. Just what the hell is going on?

We've seen some bad FttP installations in out time (who could forget the infamous fibre-to-the-toilet jobbie from 2017?) but this one definitely takes the biscuit.

From the slipshod entry point to the absence of a protective cover to the use of indoor cable, it's a complete dog's breakfast. As one commenter noted: "Even ants can bring down this aggregation site."

After a little digging, we managed to track down the original upload. NBN Co can breathe a sigh of relief - the installation apparently occurred somewhere in Scandinavia. It was shared by Carl Brune, a telecommunications consultant based in South Africa.

"I share the "best" broadband installation photos from all over the world," Brune explained on an accompanying LinkedIn post. "My photos are not limited to a specific country. I'm sure that similar cases can be found just about everywhere."

The guys in charge of the NBN rollout better keep on their toes - Brune is watching.

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    this guy in this video has a limited knowledge of what he is showing
    if he is concerned about contention on the NBN connection he is ordering he should pay for a proper business service instead of a home/small business service

    Are you sure about that image? I could swear I've seen it being touted as being from another country in a story from way back?

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