Use This Trick To Not Forget Your Passport In The Hotel Safe

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Hotel safes can be great for keeping things like your passport safe when you travel. They can also be great for helping you accidentally leave things like your passport and valuables in a hotel room.

This week Travel + Leisure published a tip from a British Airways flight attendant for making sure you don't leave those things behind: put a shoe in the safe as well.

This only works if you put one shoe in the safe, not both, and you do it with the pair of shoes you plan on wearing on the plane.

The idea is that when you get dressed in the morning you'll realise that your shoe is missing and be reminded of the things you have in the safe. That way you'll be sure to leave with that passport and jewellery when you check out, not remember you left things behind when you're in a cab on the way to the airport.


    Fair enough about the shoe trick, but why would your passport be in the safe? When you're travelling, isn't it supposed to be on your person at all times?

    This is a good idea, but:

    As someone who used to work with the police in a major overseas holiday destination: passports, especially in the biometric era, are really not the theft magnets people assume they are. The average thief is after cash and valuables that are easy to fence (electronics, especially laptops and cameras) - finding someone who wants to buy a passport is quite a different level and above the pay grade of most. Furthermore, a stolen passport absolutely guarantees that a police report will be filed, whereas the average uninsured person will not bother. If they're someone working on the inside (likely scenario for a hotel theft), stealing a passport means it is more likely that investigation/suspicion will be trained on them. We actually had one case of a thief literally taking the passport out of a bag he was running off with and throwing it at the complainant.

    When I am travelling I typically hide my photography gear at the bottom of my dirty laundry bag, and passport gets left out in the open on the desk.

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